Eligibility policy for Marlborough District Council Housing for Seniors Units

To put your name on the waiting list or for further information please contact Council's property agents:
APL Property Blenheim Ltd
1st Floor, 27 Scott Street
PO Box 185
Blenheim 7240
Phone 03577 7780 
Email blenheim@aplproperty.co.nz
I have a hearing loss badge
Selling for $8 from the office
Batteries for sale from the office
$6 per card
National Bowel Screening Programme

Bowel screening is now available in Nelson/Marlborough region. It's free to eligible people aged 60-75 who will be invited over the next two years. You will get a test kit in the mail. The test kit is simple and clean and you do it at home.
Make sure your doctor has your correct address so you don't miss out.

SuperGold card special offers
Check out the latest special offers for our super seniors through the SuperSeniors website.
Tell us what you think
SuperGold would welcome your ideas on how they can continue to enhance the value of the SuperGold card and what discounts you find useful. Please email your suggestions to: information@supergold.govt.nz

Having Problems with your telecommunications provider? TDR can help. visit www.tdr.org.nz or call free 0508 98 98 98

​Wanted: volunteers to assist with one on one reading programme at Marlborough Boys College. If you have two or more spare mornings between Monday and Thursday, this is a very rewarding opportunity. Training given and ongoing support available. If you are interested, please contact Gwenda Muir on 03 5796052 or 021 150 1679 or gwendamuir@gmail.com for more information.

Interislander Ferry 
 Group Booking Reference:
FA 5477


Dr Grant Johnston is a registered medical practitioner with over 30 years experience, who specializes in acupuncture, musculoskeletal medicine, acute and chronic pain. Acupuncture is very effective in treating shingles, PMT, sleep problems, sciatica, back pain, etc. ACC consultations are available and bring your Community Services Card for a reduced fee. He is based at Springlands Health in Blenheim so please phone for an appointment at 139 Middle Renwick Road, Blenheim 03 5780979


NZ Red Cross Marlborough, along with Age Concern and Bread of Life have joined together to provide transport from Seddon into Blenheim on a fortnightly basis.
If you are over 65 and are having a problem getting into Blenheim, phone Age Concern 5793457 for more details. Conditions apply

* The transport will leave from the Cosy corner on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month at 10.30am
* The Blenheim drop off, and pick up area will be outside the library.
* The transport will leave Blenheim at 2pm (sharp)
* Numbers will be limited
*Consent forms will need to be completed before acceptance on the scheme


​Mobility scooters are legally defined as wheeled 'bobility devices' so you don't need a driver's licence, warrant of fitness or registration, there are some important legal safety obligations on riders.
* Mobility scooters must be used on footpaths where one is readily accessible.
* It's a traffic offence to use a mobility scooter in a careless manner, or without due consideration to others using the footpath or road.
* conviction of careless or inconsiderate use of a scooter carries a fine of up to a maximum of $3,000.
* Using a mobility scooter in a manner which results in injury or death can result in a $4,000 fine or three months in prison.
​* Drivers of mobility scooters travelling greater than a normal walking pace of 4km/h can be fined up to $1,000.


Are you confined to home-(temporarily or permanently) unable to get to the library? The Libraries have volunteers who are willing to select, deliver and exchange resources for your enjoyment. Resources include:
Large Print Books, Talking books, Magazines, DVD's, Music CD's, Jigsaw Puzzles etc. To enquire about this free service please contact your library. Marlborough District Library, 33 Arthur Street, Blenheim Phone 03 520 7491 Or Picton Library & Service Centre, 67 High Street, Picton 03 520 7493


Don't let it go to waste! We will pick it and donate it to people in need
Contact Community Fruit Harvesting if you:

*  Have a fruit tree and you would like to donate produce
*  Can pick fruit
*  Make jam or preserve fruit
*  Are a charity that needs fruit

Email: pickfruitmarlborough@gmail.com
Website: www.pickfruit.co.nz
Facebook: community Fruit Marlborough
Text: 022 404 2089

You can receive a discount at Stadium 2000 on the 12 month silver membership which is the gym and pool, this is the only membership which has an offer. The original price is $780 for the 12 month period and is reduced to $575 for 12 months. A saving of $205 over the 12 months. $44.20 must be paid for the first 4 weeks of the membership to begin the membership. You can then pay it in full or pay by direct debit at $11.05 per week. This is a great saving. Any further details contact the Stadium 2000

As we are aware you have the option of putting your photo on your SuperGold Card. However, to quote the Ministry of Social Development 'the SuperGold Card is not an official form of identification such as a passport or driver licence.' Grey Power National office is now seeking from members and experiences or issues they may have faced with having no form of photo ID. Please email: fed-office@xtra.co.nz
​or contact our office and we will see that your comments get to the National Federation.


​Wairau Hospital after hours reception phone number is 5206377. Office is 5209980 should you need to ring them

Do you have difficulty getting to medical appointments in Nelson?

If so, the Marlborough Sounds Community Vehicle Trust has been created just for you.
To get more details, phone 03 5741311 or email      soundsvehicle@gmail.com

​The Grey Power office also has leaflets for information also.


Safe communities have many webinars available each year as well as topical newsletters. Check them out www.safecommunitites.org.nz 

Join us here at Grey Power Marlborough in enjoying the Magic Radio Station. Tune into 105.7FM We also advertise on the following radio stations
The Sound 96.1 FM
Radio Live 95.3 FM Blenheim, 92.3 FM Picton and 89.1 FM Kaikoura
The Breeze 89.8 FM Blenheim, 98.7 FM Picton and 97.1 FM Kaikoura

Sales Assistant Position
POSTED 30th May 2019
Blenheim Electronics (Jaycar Blenheim)
Contract - $17.70/hour

Sales Assistant Position

The team at Blenheim Electronics, your local Jaycar Electronics franchise is currently seeking a casual staff member to replace one of our retiring family. This role is an 'on call' role to cover illnesses, unforeseen leave as well as holidays and the occasional rostered shift for RSE shows. There are no regular hours associated with this role. The store operates 7 days a week and shifts can fall on any day. We are looking for candidates that are able to work availabel shifts during business hours Monday to Saturday as required.
We are looking for a candiate that is able to work at short notice and will be condifent in tackling the following regular tasks:
  • Serve and assist customers
  • Recommend and Sell products
  • Restock shelves
  • Check and receive stock
  • Cleandand tidy store
  • Answer phone
  • Cash handling
Ideally you will be an enthusiastic person that is quick to learn. You will also need to be proficient with the above tasks whilst having a passing knowledge of electronics and technology. Ideally you will have some retail experience, however this is not a limiting factor. This role will suit someone that is retired or home based looking for an occasional shift.
Being computer literate would be an advantage, however training in our point of sale system will be provided. 
Applicants for this position should have NZ residency or a valid NZ work visa and preferably live within the Blenheim region. Applications accepted in person in store or email your CV to phillip@blenhiemelectronics.co.nz
8C Scott street

Have a 'safe to drive' conversation with your doctor, pharmacist or nurse.
It can be unsafe to drive when taking medication which impairs/affects your driving ability.

It's against the law to drive when you're impaired.

Many prescribed medications (or those purchased over-the-counter) cn impair your driving, as can many recreational drugs. Some of these prescription medications may impair your driving:

Strong painkillers
Depression medication
Heart mediction
Allergy medication
Sleeping tablets
Anti-psychotic medication
Epilepsy medication
Addiction treatment
Nausea medication
Anxiety medication

Not every medication in each type listed above will impair driving. Find out if you're at risk.


Grants are available covering 87% of the cost of ceiling and underfloor insulation, and ground moisture barriers.
Eligibility criteria
* Homeowner (owner occupier) of a home built before 2008 AND
* Hold a community Services card or Super Gold combo card, OR
* Own and be living in an area identified as low income - contact Absolute Energy to see if the address fits into this criteria
Eligible homeowners can self-refer to Absolute Energy at 03 5472503 for a no obligation quote.

If you have a client with a high health need impacted by living in a cold, damp house and who does not fit the criteria or any other questions regarding eligibiligy criteria, please contact Karen Vis at the Public Health Service at
PH: 03 928 4178 or email karen.vis@nmdhb.govt.nz
Caring for the carers

The Carers' Strategy Action Plan is being refreshed for 2019-2023. The Action Plan will identify what the government is committed to achieving in the next five years to support those people providing care for friends or family/whanau members with their everyday living because for a health condition, injury, frailty, or disability. The role that families and whanau provide in New Zealand is important, and the government is committed to recognising and supporting this contribution.
We are keen to hear from anyone who provides care for a friend or member of their family/whanau. Hearing about your experience, and how caring impacts your life and wellbeing, and what you think would make a difference will help inform and the actions government can take to help. We will be talking to different groups of people around the country to learn about their experiences. We are also carrying out an online survey.
You can find out more, including how you can have your say on the MSD website.


This seems to be the new way to go when it comes to funerals, and although the main stay will probably always remain with having a funeral director and funeral homes do it for you, there are a great number of people who don't want , or cannot afford for that sort of money to be spent unnecessarily.
If you would prefer to do a DIY funeral for yourself or for someone else, there are a few good sites to have a look at. There are options that you can plan ahead of time in regard to caskets even. Wicker, cardboard, pine, build your own ....

Whichever way you choose to do it, planning ahead will always help your grieving family, who when put on the spot with all the emotions, grief and decisions, they may feel rushed and overwhelmed and perhaps not have the time to sit and make decisions about alternative options.
You may have even said in passing that you "don't want them to waste money on a funeral", but if you do not plan or put things in place, it will be done through a funeral home before anyone realises, as I believe that is standard practise, so your family needs to be able to stipulate your wishes at the very start. Embalming? no embalming? there really is many things to discuss. 
So if you truly want a DIY funeral, you need to put things in place. Music, celebrant, flowers etc. All these details will lessen their stress  at this time.

If you are going the DIY way, try to include every detail and find out while you can if you want a casket from a funeral director, whether they can supply that without having the service of anything else.
It is not something we want to think about, but planning will make a huge difference to those left behind, and you will get the funeral you truly want or if it is a closed service, you can stipulate that and prepare for that. Each being tailored to the particular person.

Great sites to have a look at are:

Rates Rebate Scheme 
​The Rates Rebate Scheme provides a rebate of up to $630 for low income earners who were paying rates for the home in which they were living on 1 July 2019.

​Application forms are available from your local council or can be downloaded from the internet on www.dia.govt.nz/ratesrebates
​You need to apply to your local council.

​* Accurate information about your income (and that of any spouse/partner and /or joint home owner who lives with you) for the tax year ended 31 March 2019.
* Your regional council rates bill if received separately.

​You should contact your local council. Their details will be on your rates bill or you can go to www.localcouncils.govt.nz

Your rebate will be calculated based on your income, rates and the number of dependants living with you.
​The income eligibility for a rebate is $25,180 However, if your income exceeds this amount you could still be entitled to a rebate depending on the total cost of your rates and the number of dependants. Please refer to the application form or your local council for more information.

* The property is used principally for farming, commercial. industrial or business purposes: or
* The property is a rental property: or
*You have already applied for a rebate in the current rating year: or
* You do not qualify as a legal ratepayer.

For more information see



If you are 65 or older, and own and live in your home, you can choose not to pay rates each year. If you do not have to pay rates each year, imagine what else you could do with that money!
​You have reached the age of 65. You would like to use your rate payments to spend on other things. Well now you can through the Marlborough District Council's "Residential Rates Postponement Scheme". The scheme has been specially developed by the council to give homeowners aged 65 and over the opportunity to cease paying rates for the rest of their lives. It means that you have a choice of carrying on paying them as you do now, or leaving them for your estate to take care of. It is a choice which will appeal in particular to those on limited incomes, because it means you can enhance your quality of life with the money that you would otherwise be using to pay your rates.
Please contact the Marlborough District Council for more details and the how to go about it.

The normal prescription fee for subsidised medicines is $5 per item. Prescriptions for children under 6 years old are free. 
You may be able to reduce the money you pay for medicines if you have:

*more than 20 items dispensed in a year
* on-going medical condition(s) & costs
* an emergency and have no money to pay for medicines you need

Emergency Benefits
If you have no money but still have to pay for medicines that you need or you may be eligible for a special services grant if you are over 65 or an emergency benefit. Contact Senior Services on 0800 552 002
Presciption Subsidy Card
If you get more than 20 prescription items in a year you should be eligible for a Prescription Subsidy Card. The Card (PSC) is to help individuals, families or family units who have more than 20 prescription items dispensed in a year. By using the PSC these people and their families will pay a maximum of $100 on prescription charges in any one year. After you have reached 20 items you will not need to pay further prescription charges until February the following year. There is no income testing for the PSC.
How can I get a Prescription Subsidy Card?
Your pharmacist will automatically keep a prescription count for you from the beginning of February each year. Once your family unit has paid for 20 subsidised prescription items you will be issued with a card. Going to once pharmacy will be easier to keep track of this.


Our online service MY MSD is the easy way to keep in touch with the ministry. You can now apply for NZ Super using MyMSD. It's faster than calling, cheaper than coming to see us and you can use it when it suits you. You can use it when you need assistance or to tell us when something has changed. 
Once you log into My MSD you can apply online and fill out an application form. You'll be guided through your next steps, which could include:
* A list of documents you'll need to proved
* Booling an appointment if needed.
Remember to read and accept your obligations.
​Also in MyMSD, you can:
* Update your contact details 
* Read your letters
* Declare your weekly wages and other income (if you need to)
* View your weekly breakdown of payment and debt details
* Make, check, change and cancel transaction-related appointments
* Tell us about a relationship change
* Stop upcoming payments
* Advise of overseas travel
* Check your payment card balance
* Get reminders for expiry dates
* Apply for one-off support
* See your community Service Card details

my MSD
Getting started
* All you need to get started is your client number
​* Then use your mobile phone, tablet or computer to head to my.msd.govt.nz to log in for the first time and set up your PIN (that's all you'll need to log in next time)
​* For more information on MyMSD go to their website

Leave a final farewell to your loved ones - an enduring message of love and wisdom to be treasured by future generations.

A Loving Farewell $145
A personal, edited 10 minute recorded video message, on DVD, to be played as part of your funeral service. This is tailored to the individual but may include any message of gratitude, acknowledgement and pearls of wisdom that you wish to convey

Widsom for Generation $295
A highly personlised DVD recorded message, up to an hour long, to be left for your children, grandchildren and extended generations of your family. Tell them, in your own words, how much they mean to you and what you most want them to remember.

Rowan West (mother, daughter and sister to her own precious family) has lived in Marlborough since 2004 and has had several years' experience recording the life stories of people just like you. She will provide a list of guiding questions (if you wish) to help you to cover the topics you wish to speak about. Recording takes place in the privacy of your own home or room. Discretion and confidentiality guaranteed. Video can be presented as a personalised DVD or on a memory stick. Additional copies are $9 each.

Book a no-obligation consultation: email Rowan on rowanwest@gmail.com
Phone 021 44 55 39 text messages preferred due to a speech impediment

They arrive in brightly coloured envelopes and can look very official and intimidating. A recipient only has to reply to one with a cheque or credit card details to claim a prize, as well as their full contact information, and they then become unindated.
In one case, a gentleman received 169 envelopes on one day. It overwhelms people's lives and they become too scared to stop responding or sending payments. However, positive news is that victims are increasingly finding the courage to share their storeies, even though it is hard to do so. Many feel isolated, embarrassed and ashamed, while others are fearful that speaking out abut their perpetrator could make their situation worse.
Scams have reached epidemic proportions, but the hope is that with more public awareness we will see an improvement in reported figures, and consequently, a reduction.

Keep bank cards and money in sight (and preferably in your possession at all times)
Cover your PIN when using ATMs and EFTPOS. If you receive a phone call and are unsure about the validity of the caller, ask for their full name and a possible extension number and let them know you'll call them back. Then dial the organisation's listed number and ask to be transferred to the person you spoke with. That way you can be sure you are speaking with a genuine staff member from a legitimate organisation.
Always make time to review your bank and credit card statements. If you spot anything out of the ordinary, contact your bank immediately. If you are planning a business trip or holiday, advice your bank of your travel itinerary and provide an emergency contact number.

You don't know the sender
You receive an email or letter addressed to 'My Dear' or a similar generic greeting
The message contains grammatical or spelling errors
You are contacted by a bank you don't have an account with
You are urged to visit a website to update your bank details or fill in a form with personal information
You are advised to act fact to claim money or another prize in a lottery or competition that you didn't enter
You inherit money or possessions from someone you have never hear of
You receive a request from a stranger who needs your help (usually to send money)
You befriended someone on a dating website and they ask you to send them money so they can pay debts or come to visit you.

Please visit www.consumeraffairs.govt.nz/scams if you have any concerns.
Report mobile phone (text) scams to 7726


Taken from Super Seniors newsletter August 2017
Signs an elderly friend or relative is the subject of financial abuse
​* Thy're not allowed access to their own money.
* They're always accompanied to the bank and watched over.
* They break term deposits or there are unexplained large sum withdrawals.
* There is an increased number of banking transactions.
Protect your money:
*Rearrange your accounts so that you only keep limited funds to cover day-to-day expenses in an easy access account.
* Put substantial funds in a different account not accessed by EFTPOS or ATM
* Banks can give you advice on how to protect your account and they can also monitor accounts for any unusual activity.
Protect your PIN:
​* Don't give your PIN number to anyone - including over the phone or internet.
* When making a purchase never let anyone enter your PIN number for you.
* Remember no one needs to know your PIN number but you.
* You can also use your SuperGold Card as identification at the bank.

Grey Power Marlborough have these Why keep it secret books for sale at $6 each. They are quite comprehensive with all the information your loved ones should know in the event that you cannot tell them. From who your GP is to where your insurances are and many more. We are finding that people are photocopying wills and other important documents and putting them in the back of the book so that they only need to find this one book. They have proved very popular and continue to sell fast.

Grey Power Federation is pleased to announce to all members under 71 that we have negotiated a funeral/health insurance offer on behalf of Grey Power Members. The pricing for this cover is approximately 35% below current market prices. There is some variation to this figure but it will be only slight. The discount is permanent. Unfortunately, the offer can only be extended to members, and their families, below the age of 71.
All enquiries and purchases for the insurance can only be made through:
Vesta Cover Limited
Free Phone 0800 283 782
Website http/www.vestacover.co.nz
If you have any problems, other than difficulty getting through, please ring one of the Grey Power Commercial and Promotional Agreement NAG committee members: Mac Welch, Roy Reid or Violet McCowatt c/- Phone number 09 2992113

Home modification subsidies

As taken from August 2017 Super seniors newsletter
​If you're finding it difficult to get around your home or to get in and out of it because of a disability, you may need to make changes to your home to improve access. The right modifications can help you remain in, or return to your home.
You may be able to get some help to pay for the changes from the Ministry of Health or ACC. Depending on your situation, the cost could be fully-funded, or you may get a part-payment.
​An occupational therapist, who is a qualified housing assessor, can meet with you and your family or whanau, and look at your home. Together you can talk about how things can be changed to best meet your needs. The assessor can advise you on the options around funding and help you with the application process.
​There are three main funding schemes through the Ministry of Health:
​* Cost contribution - this is where the Ministry of Health agrees to pay a contribution towards the cost of the modifications. This could be because you're making a number of changes to your home and the changes to make it easier to access are just part of the overall work.
​* Funding based on an income and cash asset test - if you qualify, the Ministry of Health may cover the full cost of the changes. An income and cash asset test is carried out by Work and Income.
​* Part payment - this is where the income and cash asset test shows that you need to pay part of the cost of the modifications. 
​You can find more details around the home modification funding at the Ministry of Health's website www.health.govt.nz. Search on the key words housing modifications. 
​If your disability resulted from an accident, talk to your GP or ACC case owner as ACC may be able to help you make your home suitable to return to or continue living in. Go to www.disability.acc.co.nz and search on the key word housing.

Marlborough District Council and Solar water Heating

What is Marlborough District Council solar water heating?
* The Marlborough District Council is offering an energy efficiency funding service to ratepayers for an approved Solar Water Heating Solution.
* Generally the upfront cost of a solar water heating system is typically between $6,000 to $8,000 inclusive of installation and building consent costs. This range is only indicative as the actual costs will depend on your particular requirements.

What do I get?
As a ratepayer you can apply to the Marlborough District Council for solar water heating.

How much will I pay?
​Over nine years you will pay the GST exclusive amount that Marlborough District Council pays to the supplier, as well as interest, and an administration charge (currently $100) together with GST on all these costs. The current interest rate is 6%, which is monitored annually and subject to change.

How do I make repayments?
The Marlborough District Council will charge a "targeted rate" on your regular rates bill over nine years. The targeted rate amount will appear on your rates bill in early August each year.

How can I calculate my repayments?
The following table can help you to calculate your repayments*

For more information in regard to Solar Water Heating, you can go to the Marlborough District Council website and type in solar water heating. or phone on 03 5207400. 15 Seymour Street, Blenheim